Scratch is an amazing learning and development environment, but it has one problem: getting started. Like any ecosystem in which users are encouraged to share their work, there are thousands of great examples of easy to follow projects, but there are millions of not-so-great examples, and it’s hard to tell which is which until you’ve messed around under the hood for a while.

That’s where the public library comes in. If you have a Poudre River Library card, you’re in luck.

Before you click the link, however, the have to create an account with through your Poudre River Public Library account.

Starting at the beginning …

1) Log into your PRL account:

2) Click the green “Research” tab and scroll down to Lynda.

3) Find your library card number. You’ll need it to create a Lynda account.

(This step might be a little annoying. Your card number is in “My Account” in the library app, but not on the website. So you might need to find your physical library card.)

4) Create a Lynda account.

5) Search for “Scratch” or go to

Lynda also has courses on Raspberry Pi, Arduino circuits, Swift Playgrounds, and other fun stuff, so it’s a great resource, and you’re saving $30/month by having a library card.

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